Fiction for the Whole Family

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The ABCs of Life in Sunnydale: PG13, B/S
Buffy's patrolling some time after "Hell's Bells" and runs into Spike on the beach. An answer to a challenge which includes a word chosen by the challenger starting with each letter of the alphabet.

Acceptance Letter: PG14, Spike/Buffy
Set after Not Fade Away, Buffy gets a letter from Spike. A ficlet for multifandom1000's "letter" challenge.

An Accidental Love Affair: PG, Willow/Other
Willow never left England in Season 7, instead she found a whole new world and a very intriguing man. This is a crossover with HP, for libco.

Aching Feet, Weirdness Abounding, And The Sound of Jingle Bells, PG14 Buffy/Spike, Willow/Giles
Buffy and Spike's first holiday party was a big hit after their reunion post NFA. For iceprincess_x.

Adaptation:, PG, Spike/Dru
Set during early Season 2, Spike muses over the changing world as Drusilla sleeps. Written for 30 Quills for prompt #14, "frozen in time"

Addicted to Love: PG14
My first sequel to "Lily".

Agate: PG, B/S
Dawn's stealing, there's a new social worker involved, Willow needs Spike's help, and Buffy begins to see him in a better light. Set after "Gone".

Another Chance:, PG, Spike/Buffy
Spike reminisces in present tense over Season 7. Written for 30 Quills for prompt #29, "Second chances will not be the same, it will be better."

apokálypsis (revelation): PG13, Buffy/Spike, Angel/Lindsey, Dawn/Connor, Wesley/Lilah, Faith/Robin, pre-Cas/Dean
Written for the apocabigbang, 29000 words of Gen fic. I dunno where the smut muse went! There's an apocalypse and the Slayers are being kept out of it. When they find out that Lucifer's risen and a bunch of angels want the world to end so they can have paradise, Buffy and friends don't take it so well. They team up with the only people in the world who seem to be fighting for humanity--the Winchesters, Bobby and Castiel--and drag in Angel and his gang. Mankind isn't going to go out with a bang or a whimper if they have anything to say about it.

As The World Grinds To An End: PG14, Cordy/Connor
My Connor ficathon response for pruegirl17 who asked for Cordy/Connor, angsty, darkfic, some mention of Angel with no Cordy/Connor bashing (which ain't ever gonna happen from me.) Set after Habeas Corpses. Cordy tells Connor that Angel watched them a lot sooner than on the show.

Bad Might Not Be So Bad After All: PG14, Dawn perspective
For the Insert Dawn Here ficathon, I chose to put her in "Lovers Walk". There's a lot of dialogue snatched from the episode, but a lot of new stuff, too.

Beer, Glorious Beer: PG14, drunkeness and nudity Another challenge response. Spike's stuck in Xander's basement and is bored.

Beginning Their Life Together: PG, Buffy/Angel, Spike/Ilyria
My Buffy/Angel fluffython response for bashipforever who wanted Buffy and Angel doing something a "normal" couple would do, no grave yards, no stakings, no demons. Buffy's living in England, working at the new Watcher's Academy. Angel still runs the L.A. branch of Wolfram & Hart. They've stayed connected but not really seen each other since he gave her the amulet to stop The First. A happy event brings them back together.

Best Christmas Ever: PG, Buffy/Angel
Buffy awakens to the first Christmas with her husband and a special gift.

Bonding With A Muppet Over Martinis: PG14, Slight Lindsey/Angel
My Puppet Angel ficathon response for killerweasel who asked for Lindsey and Puppet Angel, possible romance, Mr. Gordo, and didn't want Connor, with the possibility of NC17. Well, I got everything but the NC17 (though, y'know, possibly a sequel with Manly Angel), and it's rather more snarky than romantic. In this fic Lindsey didn't get sucked up by the Senior Partners at the end of You're Welcome, but was taken prisoner by Angel and confined to a suite in W&H. He revealed the truth about the apocalypse and Angel's distraction stuff earlier than on the show.

Bowling for Vampires: PG14, Spike POV
In a moment of frustration with my mailserver problems, I made an offhand comment on my Star Wars list which led to this fic. It's silly and pointless.

Boxing Day Ribbons: PG13, Gunn/Wes/Fred
Fred couldn't choose between Wes and Gunn so she chose both and she just told her parents and is in a cheeky mood.

Bringing In The Light: PG, Wes/Cordy/Gunn
Holiday ficlet for lilly_rose who wanted Wes/Cordy/Gunn at the Solstice with the keywords of ritual, light and sunrise; set AtS Season 2 without Angel's epiphany.

The Broken Hallelujah: R, Wes/Fred, Wes/Illyria
Sallyanne's Fanfic Junk Drawer response for Soda who wanted Wesley, post A Hole in the World, with the Rufus Wainright version of Hallelujah. Set after A Hole in the World, Illyria finds Wes drinking again and Wes dreams of Fred until reality intrudes again. Songfic of sorts--the lyrics are out of order and not all there.

Bundle of Joy: G; W/S
In a possible future for TEAOW&S, my Father's Day fic.

Busy Work: R, Spike, Faith
Set in the future, written for rethought who wanted Spike and Faith working on a translation, hopped up on coffee and being snarky.

Captive Christmas: R, Xander/Angelus
Holiday ficlet for rakashathewolf who wanted Angelus/Xander at Christmas with Angelus falling for captive Xander and giving him a Christmas present.

Celebration of Death:R, S/D
1918 brings Armistice Day in Paris, but Dru isn't happy about the war ending.

Cheerio[s]: G; a three year old could read it
In Chelle's Liarverse, Xavy's counting cereal bits.

Christmas Bonus: R, Spike/Angel
Set in AtS Season 5 after Spike is solid again, he thinks he deserves a Christmas Bonus and Angel thinks he needs to earn it.

Christmas in Hell: R, Lilah/Wesley
For Sally who wanted Wes and Lilah before a roaring fireplace someplace cold, with a sexy use for hot cocoa. I'm weird, y'all know this, right?

Christmas Present: PG, Faith
Balmy weather, always green grass, palm trees decorated for the holidays, just don't sit right with Boston-bred Faith as she faces her first Christmas in Sunnydale.

The Circle: PG14; character deaths, S/D
Upset by the WB's decision to postpone GD2, I went insane and started killing characters. From Spike's POV, set some time in the nebulous fourth season.

Cold Vengeance: R, Wesley/Lilah
Written for the Angel Book of Days Winter Challenge, Lilah helps Wesley discover the truth about the mindwipe and Wesley takes revenge on Angel. A dark fic.

Computer Bites!: PG14; language
I had major problems with my new cable modem, so Spike suffered the same. Set some time after Innocence.

Cordelia: PG14
One of my earliest fics and my first attempt at point of view. Cordelia examines her strange feelings for Xander.

Corruption: PG, Willow/Angelus
Angel came back from hell but it wasn't really Angel and a few years later Willow''s life is very different.

Damn Powers That Be: PG13, Spike/Xander/Angel, Lindsey/?
It's New Year's Eve in a divided city and the vampires' servant bitches a lot.

Darkness Seductive: R, Drusilla
A dark, short ficlet shortly after Drusilla awakens as a vampire.

A Date On The Hellmouth: PG, Spike/Dawn
Spike and Dawn go to the movies

Daughter of Darkness: PG14; language, violence, blood play
Two strange women come to Sunnydale and a possibly dangerous prophecy is revealed. A work in progress.

Dead Ringer for Love:R, B/S
A challenge response from Gillian for a fic set around the song "Dead Ringer for Love" by Meatloaf and Cher, set after School Hard, Buffy and Spike together.

Different Paths: PG13,Angel/Buffy/Spike
Two vampires take very different paths to wind up in the same place.

Disco Sucks: PG14, Ethan
Set in the Giles/Ethan bar scene in "A New Man" with flashbacks, Ethan explains why he's now into disco clothes. Written for Sally's Fanfic Junkdrawer fic for sadbhyl who wanted Ethan, the verb "drying", a squid, and an explanation of why Ethan, usually a natty dresser, has a suitcase full of polyester disco shirts in "A New Man", and why he kept them.

Double Chocolate Chip Birthday Cake: PG14, O/W
In season four it's Oz' birthday and he's with Willow...sort of.

A Dream Team Christmas: PG, Buffy/Oz/Giles
Holiday ficlet for Bunny who wanted at least twenty words of this trio.*g*

Eternally Sweet Seventeen:PG, W/O
Way in the future, Willow reflects on the love of her life. A short, quickly written fic that babbled from my brain.

Everyone Loves A Parade: PG13, Buffy/Spike
Set after Season 7, Buffy and Spike are in Pasadena for the new year.

Faded Rose: PG14, character death
A sequel to "Lily" revolving around Spike, Dru and Angel.

The Fairy God Slayer R, Angel/Spike
Written for the Slash Wedding Ficathon for shellybelle who wanted Spike/Angel, self-written vows (kinda sucked on that one), an argument over who gets to be the bride, and bridesmaids. I threw in flashbacks.

Fallen Soldier: R, Wes/Lilah
My Apocalypficathon response for fox1013 who wanted Wes/Lilah shippy with Wolfram & Hart involved in the end of the world. The Senior Partners take advantage of the Rain of Fire, Beast rampage, and Lilah finds Wesley in the chaos to make him an offer.

Fate? Serendipity? Good Timing? Pure Accident?: PG14, A/B
There are demon doings in the Cotswolds and a certain Slayer and a certain souled vampire reunite. Is it finally the right time for them? Written for the We Will Not Fade Away: An AtS Post-Finale Ficathon hosted by maybedarkpink for bashipforever who wanted Angel, Buffy and Illyria, B/A or no pairing, a good apology speech, and Buffy/Illyria conflict, no Buffy bashing, and up to R rating.

Figures: PG13, B/S
Written before the women's long program figure skating at the 2002 Olympics, just a happy little Buffy/Spike piece.

Five Times Spike Was Santa Claus: R, Spike/Buffy, Spike/Drusilla
Five little scenes, set pre, during and post series (and one in AtS) written for my day at Noel of Spike over on LJ in 2012

For Life:R, O/W
In pre-denial over the events of "Wild at Heart", I wrote what *I* thought should happen.

Gender Confusion: R, Illyria
Written for the matrithon and the prompt "what is a woman?", Illyria is confused by gender differences.

Getting Funky: PG, Gunn/Cordy
Holiday ficlet for sallyanne who wanted Cordy and Gunn on New Year's Eve with snarky schmoop and bonding over making fun of Angel and Wes.

Happily Ever After: PG, B/S
Spike's come back human, works for Angel, and he and Buffy are living...see the title. Written to fit an icon (displayed on the story page).

Happy National Returns Day: PG, Spike/Buffy
It's Boxing Day in the Spike/Buffy household with her family.

Hats: PG, Cordy/Doyle
It's Connor's first birthday in a very AU world where Doyle survived.

Hats and Horns: PG14, S/D and everyone else
Drusilla throws a New Years Eve Party and invites everyone, much to Spike's disgust. This is an answer to Dare's challenge on Lovesbitch.

He Hates Being Bored:, PG13, Spike/Drusilla
People stuck in time are boring, vampires doubly so. Written for 30 Quills for prompt #18, "unchanging things are boring"

He Really Is Beautiful: PG13, Spike/Buffy
She has always seen past the exterior. Written for 30 Quills for prompt #28, "look beyond where hearts can see"

He'd Never Look At Candy Canes The Same Way Again: R, Spike/Illyria
Holiday ficlet for thomasina25 who wanted Spike, Angel, Illyria, at Christmas with snow and candy canes and no angst; set post-NFA.

Her Favorite Christmas Present: PG14, Angelus/Drusilla/Darla
It's Christmas in mid-19th century Paris and Drusilla wheedles her first doll from her daddy.

Her Hero: PG; W/S
A future, sweet, happy story with a little bundle of joy.

Her Own: PG13, Drusilla/Spike
My Drusilla Ficathon response. Drusilla feels both Spike's death and resurrection and seeks out answers.

Here We Come A Wassailing: PG
Holiday ficlet for dlgood who wanted Angel and Lorne discussing Christmas carols through the years; set AtS Season 5.

Highland Christmas: PG
Holiday ficlet for liliaeth who wanted who wanted Spike & Duncan (Highlander), at Christmas with keywords: hope, hero, life.

His Name Is...: PG, Connor
I was very unhappy with Connor's fate at the end of AtS Season 4, so I wrote this to start fixing it.

Holiday Shopping: PG, Spike/Buffy
Holiday ficlet for spikes_heart who wanted Buffy and Spike post-Shanshu so both human, with a happy ending.

House Hunting Blues: PG14; W/S
Set a couple years in the future in my TEAOW&S series, Willow and Spike get a big disappointment on making a deal for a house. Sort of based on my own experience, this fic is rather silly.

A House Party In Hell: R, Buffy/Angelus
Written for the 2010? IWRY marathon and a sequel to two other "Hell" fics, both of which can be found on this page with "Hell" in the title. Five years have passed in Hell and Buffy and Angelus throw a party.

How It Ends: PG13, tiny hint of Cor/Con sex
This is another free-flowing kind of story. It's set after the Rain of Fire AtS episode and during the BtVS one in which Spike is tied up at Buffy's, as I examine each character's feelings at the moment.

How to Counter and Deflect a Sword Blow: PG, A/B
Written for the Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook Multi-Fandom Fic Challenge. List of stories is here. Angel trains Buffy in the use of a sword in Season 2.

I Don't Think I'm in Kansas Anymore: PG14, S/other
A blatant Mary Sue fic in response to a challenge for me in Spike's world and a head of iceberg lettuce. If you don't like Mary Sue fic, don't read it; it's as simple as that.

I Won't Let Him Become Him: PG14; C/X
An unofficial sequel to Niccy's 'And I'm Him'. Set right after Bad Eggs, Cordelia and Xander deal with his hitting her.

If Wishes Were Horses: PG, Tara/Willow
A short ficlet between seasons 5 & 6. Tara makes a pie and Willow gets an idea.

In a Different Reality: PG14, Angel/Fred
After NFA, Angel Season 5, if the rumor for Season 6 had happened, that everything reversed itself. In the new reality, Fred accompanies Angel to parties and events and they grow closer. Written tardily for the Angel ficathon for goddess_loki who wanted Angel and Fred, dancing scene, a dramatic scene, Lorne and Spike making an appearance, no slash, no NC17.

In The Meadow: PG13, Spike/Buffy
Buffy and Spike are living happily on the hellmouth in Cleveland hosting her sister and various Scoobies for Christmas.

It's A Christmas Miracle!: R, Spike/Drusilla
Set after the church collapsed on him, Spike isn't recovering and it's Christmas time trapped in a musty basement in Sunnyhell.

It's a Date: PG14; C/X
Set vaguely in the TEAOW&S; universe, Cordy & Xander go on a date to see his favorite movie.

It's Not Enough: PG, Lindsey/Darla
A short ficlet while Darla was alive and miserable.

It Was A Start: R, Buffy/Angel, Darkish
Wolfram & Hart ended the world after NFA, yet it keeps going and Angel walks a fine line working for and against them, and then Buffy is captured and he has to save her despite the risk.

Job Offer: PG, B/S
The council offers Buffy a job, the only hitch is they want her to move to London. Spike tries to convince her otherwise. An answer to a challenge, which I've kind of left open for anyone to continue.

Just Another Vampire:PG14, Darla POV
As she recovers from her return from Hell, Darla isn't too happy with her childe.

Kiss of Peace: PG14, Spike/Buffy/Tara
Set on the Solstice in Season 6, though a bit differently, as Tara and Willow broke up while Buffy was dead, and Tara and Spike have become friends. For bogwitch.

The Last Time: PG14; W/S
My response to a challenge to use the words "the last time" in a fic.

A Life In Hell: R, Buffy/Angel(us)
A sequel to "A Place In Hell", Buffy and Angelus have been living on her estate in Hell in peace and solitude until she receives a summons from the King of Hell that she can't ignore.

A Life Together: R, unknown m/f
Set some time in the nebulous future, one love watches the other sleep. Was supposed to be a response to the Improv Community's "strip, silhouette, blur, doorway" challenge but I sucked and took forever to finish this.

The Light Of Love: R, Ethan/Giles/Joyce
Holiday ficlet for sadbhyl who wanted Ethan/Joyce/Giles on Winter Solstice or Christmas, romantic but not too sappy; set post Chosen with Joyce surviving.

A Light That Only Lights On One Side: PG, Spike/Faith
It's Christmas time and Faith and Spike try to cheer up Buffy...sort of

Looking For A Trigger: PG13, Faith, Angel
Written for Winter of Faith 2013, and set before the Angel & Faith comic book (which I really, really like) so, if you haven't read that or the end of Buffy Season 8, basically Angel and Buffy screwed up the world and he's catatonic after doing that and killing Giles, and Faith is taking care of him in the house she inherited from Giles.

A Love For The Ages: PG13, Spike/Giles, character death
My Spikeslash Ficathon response. At the end of a life, Spike reflects on his love for Giles.

A Love Reignited In Hell: PG13, Buffy/Lucifer, Buffy/Angelus
Written for the 2012 IWRY marathon and a direct sequel to A Reckoning In Hell over on my Adult Fic page (which is Buffy/Lucifer), Buffy's been with Lucifer for a year and hasn't seen Angelus in all that time, until he appears at the celebration of The Fall and asks her to dance.

The Mansion: PG14, S/D
I finally came up with a reason for Spike to be helping Buffy, so here it is, as he and Dru try to find somewhere to live.

Memories: PG13, Spike/Buffy
Spike's thoughts as he leaves town during "Seeing Red". Written for 30 Quills for prompt #2 "I just want to flee from the nightmare and never return".

Mistletoe Reward: R, Spike/Tara/Willow
In an AU future where Tara didn't die, the trio get ready for a holiday party.

Motivation: PG14, Lindsey/Eve
Why did Lindsey go from happily leaving LA behind him to wanting to take over Wolfram & Hart? Here's my theory written for the Angel End of Days challenge.

Mourning Colors: PG, Spike
Sometime in the prior century, Spike attends a funeral, laying the last member of his family to rest.

Mousy Blond-Brown Broody Big Bad: PG13, Spike/Dawn friendship
Inspired by spoilers that Spike came back with unbleached hair, and then seeing ads with him with bleached hair, I wrote this before the start of Season 7, so it's AU.

My Mirror: R, tiny bit of Cor/Con sex
What does Angel feel as he watches Cordelia and Connor together? An Angel POV written kind of free-flowing as I try to jump-start my muse.

Naked Tales: PG14, S/Dru
Written for the defabricathon (using the defabricator from Dr. Who), Spike tells Dawn a story about the recent past.

A Spike POV fic that went nowhere so it turned into a ficlet. His thoughts while tied in Buffy's room.

A New Year: PG14, S/W
Willow wakes on New Years Day concerned about her best friend and facing the horror of televised bowl games all day. Set right after "Wine Coolers..." in TEAOW&S.

New Year's Revelry: PG13, Spike/Drusilla
Set pre series, Spike and Drusilla hit Times Square to watch the ball drop.

New Year's Surprise: PG, Spike/Buffy, Dawn/Andrew
Someone new arrives for New Year's.

No Time To Waste: PG14, Spike/Buffy, Faith/Wesley
My Buffy/Spike Ficathon response for thomasina75 who wanted Faith, Wesley, banter-type conversation, some action, Buffy/Spike flirting, nothing too fluffy and no character bashing. Set about three months after Not Fade Away.

A Normal Life:PG14, Olivia POV
The overturned buggy in Restlesshas been driving me nuts since May, 2000. This is my theory of why Olivia is crying and why she hasn't returned to Giles. It deals with miscarriage, though isn't too graphic.

Not Fatesbtich: PG13, Spike/Buffy
It was Spike's choice, not fate's.

Not The End Of The World As They Know It: PG, Spike/Buffy
Set during "Not Fade Away". Written for 30 Quills for prompt #30, "the end is only the beginning"

Not The Star Wars Holiday Special But Close: PG
Set in December, Season 2, Buffy, Willow and Xander are watching Star Wars before A Charlie Brown Christmas comes on. For Dave.

On the Day After Xmas, My True Love...: PG14, S/D
In the fourth season, Drusilla discovers the joys of shopping the day after Christmas and drags Spike along. There are hints of sex in this fic.

One Chocolate Covered Spike, Coming Up: PG14, hint of slashiness
Set in the first season Angel, Spike visits the detective agency.

One Night in Surrey: R, Giles and Spike
Buffy's gotten married, Giles and Spike get drunk and commisserate. A short ficlet set in the future.

Ornaments: PG, Buffy/Spike
Holiday ficlet for cordykitten who wanted Buffy/Spike at Christmas with Spike telling a story about his mom; set season 7.

A Place In Hell: R, Buffy/Angelus
Written for 2006 IWRY challenge, what if Angelus pulled Buffy into the Acathla portal with him before Willow restored his soul? How would she survive in Hell? Inspired by a drabble I wrote (included) called "Lady of Dis" and my version of Hell is based heavily on that of Neil Gaiman and Vertigo Comics.

Perfect Christmas: PG, B/S, W/T, A/X
Buffy wants it to be a perfect Christmas, but for Dawn that includes having Spike back in her life. Set after "Wrecked".

Perfect Gifts: PG, Spike/Angel
Spike and Angel share a happy New Year as a couple.

The Perfect Name: PG, Tara, Xander
My Babyverse Ficathon response for willshenillshe who wanted Xander and Tara (I just couldn't make it romantic, sorry!), an argument over baby names, an antique baby heirloom, and no death. Set a couple years after Chosen, but in a very AU world. It wasn't Tara who lost her life at Warren's hands.

Pole-axed: PG14, Willow/Tara
Set near the end of "Seeing Red", Spike didn't leave town and was in the house when a certain shot went off

Praying For The Light: R, Willow/Angelus, hints of abuse, captive/captor sexual relationship
Holiday ficlet for maechi who wanted Willow/Angelus, dark fic, keywords: crying, window, and mention of some religion.

Present: R, Spike/Buffy
Set in an AU Season 3, Buffy's the first Slayer in a century to reach her 18th birthday and the Watchers' Council traditionally gives such Slayers a very special gift. (Angel never came to Sunnydale and Spike didn't bring Drusilla there, either, if she even exists. He's Angel's childe just because.)

Presents for Sharing: PG14, Giles/Oz
Set a couple of years in the future in Buffydom and written for Bunny who wanted Giles/Oz, on Christmas morning in their apartment with a gift with an innuendo.

Princess: PG14; language
This came to me, stuck in my head and would not go away. Dru muses.

The Promise of Forever: PG, Willow/Angelus
Holiday ficlet for velvetwhip who wanted Angel/Willow, Chanukah, key words of murder, velvet and satanic, and NC17 which I failed on; set in the future but AU after BtVS season 3.

Questions Beyond the Science: PG14
Season seven, Buffy and Spike are in Las Vegas to pick up a Potential, but they're too late and run into a couple CSIs instead. A crossover with CSI.

A Release From the Tedium of Eternity: R, Spike/Lilah
A ficlet set in an AU AtS Season 5 in which Lilah hung around.

Recurring Nightmare: Hard R, C/A(us), bondage, offscreen rape, death
What if watching Connor and Cordy together had a very different reaction in Angel?

Rest in Peace: PG13, B/S
Set at the end of episode 7.2, just what does Buffy do? Well, what she didn't do on the show. *sigh*

The Right Thing to Do: PG, S/Dawn friendship, S/B
Set right after "Hell's Bells", Dawn confronts Spike and encourages him to be a man Buffy can care for.

Scales: PG14
After Becoming, Joyce goes to the one person who might be able to help her understand her daughter.

Searching For What's Lost: R, Spike/Drusilla/Darla
In 1906, adrift without Angelus Darla goes to find out someone else lost to her and drags Spike and Drusilla along.

She Will Not Cry For Him: PG14, Drusilla
Drusilla feels betrayed by Spike's reward and seeks to make herself so cold she no longer cares. Written tardily for the Soul Cages (Sting) Ficathon. My song was "Why Should I Cry For You" and while the lyrics fit, the song itself is a bit upbeat for the darkness of this fic, but my speakers at home aren't working and I kept forgetting to take the song to work.

The Sheets of San Francisco or Never Mix Your Spirits: R, Spike/Angel
Inspired by lots of comments on Live Journal about how very married Angel and Spike are...well...*g* Spoilers to Shells.

Small Things: PG14, Spike/Illyria
Written for The Angel Book of Days Spring Challenge for roseveare who wanted Illyria and gave me free rein. This went AU before the series finale and is set in about a year later. Illyria's still trying to adjust to the world, and Spike helps her any way he can.

Snow On Christmas Eve: PG, Cordy/Giles
Cordy comes back to life and she and Giles get together and it's Christmas Day in London.

Sparklepires: PG13
It had to be written. Spike's horror at the "Twilight" series.

Spectrum: PG13
Four POVs and one middle section in third person past tense. Buffy brings Spike home after rescueing him from The First. Rona and Kennedy are at one end of one spectrum, and Buffy and ? are at opposite ends of another.

Still Crazy After All These Years: PG14, Spike/Buffy
Written for the What If Spike ficathon, what if Spike had stayed insane after the First had finished with him? Here, Buffy tries to help him.

Struck a Nerve: R; Wes/?
Continuing Cathryn's wonderful Wesley/Trauma fic (the first couple paragraphs are hers). My reason why he freaked.

Stuffing: PG14, Buffy/Giles
Buffy grew up and into a relationship with her Watcher and they're celebrating Christmas together.

Sympathy for the Devil:PG14, Faith POV, language, adult situations
Faith's working out in the prison gym and a song brings back unwelcome memories.

The Taste Of Cigarettes And Candy: R, Joyce/Giles
Written for the matrithon and the prompt "consequences", Joyce fears the possible consequences of a night of candy-inspired sex on a cop car.

There Really Is A Difference: PG 13, Spike/Buffy
Spike finally learns the truth about love and desire after he regains his soul. Written for 30 Quills for prompt #20, "the difference between love and desire"

This Gentleman Prefers Blondes: PG13, Kate/Buffy friendship
I began this over three years ago. It was supposed to be Kate/Buffy smut, but that didn't happen. Instead, they talk, early season 1 of AtS.

Three Little Words: PG13, Spike/Buffy
Spike hears those three little words every time he falls asleep.

Three Months On
A PG rated series set three months after The Gift, in which the surviving characters examine their reactions and lives in the aftermath of Buffy's death.

Time Can Fly But Also Slow: PG13, Spike/Buffy
Written for Seasonal Spuffy 2012, I liked the "time" bit about the "time after time" prompt so I went with something set many, many years in the future as an elderly Buffy and her never aging vampire spend the twilight of her life in peace and happiness.

To Tree or Not to Tree: PG, Giles and Willow
Set in Season 2 for bookworm_jen, Willow and Giles discuss their holiday traditions.

Too Perfect: PG13, Angel/Buffy
Perfect happiness...again.

Traditions: PG13, Will/D, Darla/A(us)
Spike tells Fred some stories of a Christmas past with Drusilla, Darla and Angelus. This was my Secret Santa response for m_annalore.

Tribute: R; language, adult situations, hints of homosexual and bisexual relationships
Set in an alternate world of TEAOW&S;, this is my response to the outpouring of emotion on UCSL after Matthew Shephard's murder. If you do not agree with the sentiments written here, I do not want to hear from you.

Twelve Days: PG13, Spike/Various
Twelve connected drabbles based loosely on the "Twelve Days of Christmas", set at various times with various pairings.

Two Stepping Into The Future: PG, Buffy/Spike
Holiday ficlet for ladycat713 who wanted Spike/Buffy at New Years Eve. I chose "Asking Us to Dance" by Kathy Mattea out of her lyric offerings; set in the future.

Under the Mistletoe: PG14, Spike/Angelus
Set the first Christmas after William was turned. In this ficlet, unlike in most of my stories, I went with canon having Drusilla sire him. William finds Angelus setting up a Christmas tree. For Tania.

Unexpected Gift: PG14, Willow/Oz/Angelus
Willow doesn't like to light candles anymore but gifts are nice

Vegetables Keep Falling on My Head: R, W/O
My response to a challenge on OzMia, and my view of how Oz should return. A silly, short fic.

Waiting: PG13, Cordy, Gunn
Set during "Not Fade Away" two old friends are waiting for what comes next.

Wanted: PG14; B/A(us)
A Prequel to "Bundle of Joy", what do Buffy and Angelus want in a possible TEAOW&S future?

We All Have Our Destinies: PG14, Faith/John Winchester
Written for a timeshift challenge, Faith and John meet up, hook up, and then something weird happens. Set post-chosen and sometime season one of Supernatural.

We Three Very Odd Are We: PG14
Holiday ficlet for girlmacbeth who wanted Spike and Xander at Christmas raising Dawn after The Gift.

Wearing Her Down: R, Willow (hints of non-con)
Written for 30 Quills for prompt #12, "resistence is futile"; a million years ago I wrote an evil little PWP called Two Vamps and a Hacker which was basically Angelus and Spike capturing, beating and raping Willow. Velvetwhip asked to see what happened two weeks later.

Welcoming Him Home: R, Spike/Angel
My Angel/Spike Ficathon response for spikesbottomboy who wanted angst over Buffy, set before season 5, an R+ rating, and no noncon. A tag to Apocalypse Nowish (Season 4) with flashbacks to sometime shortly after Angel was fished out of the sea. The timeline is a bit skewed between BtVS and AtS.

What a Woman Wants PG; S/D
Drusilla wants something so badly that Spike tromps across the moors in a thunderstorm for it.

What is Human? PG14, S/W
This has been in my head since I first saw "The Initiative". What if it had been the Spike and Willow of TEAOW&S? Not a part of the main story line, but now complete.

When It Rains...: PG14, Dawn, character death
Written for The Black Goddess ficathon for miz_thang88 who wanted Drusilla/Dawn, rain, italy, puppets, no Buffy or Spike (I did mention them) and no fluff (no problem there).

Whinging Christmas: PG14, Spike/Angel
Holiday ficlet for sunlit5 who wanted Spike and Angel, and Angel comforting Spike about Buffy and calling him Will at least once; set in the future.

Who Is She?: PG13, Illyria
You need to be familiar with Dollhouse to understand this...

Who's The Girl?: PG14, Spike/Angel
A back-up fic for the Slash Wedding Ficathon for Meltha who wanted Spike/Angel, humor, Angel choosing a sappy wedding location, a wedding cake with alternating layers of angel and devil's food, no heavy angst, no outright nastiness from attendees. There's no real reason for them to be getting married, but just go with it.

Winter's Discontent: R, Spike/Buffy
Set sometime after Gone, Season 6, Spike and Buffy ponder what the hell is between them.

A Woman's Choice: PG
Two months after the candy incident, Joyce makes a startling discovery. A work in progress.

A World Apart: PG
Buffy hears a song that reminds her too much of her relationship with Angel.

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