I seem to have created my own universe. All the stories are canon through book four, then go some different paths through book five and beyond. I assume that Ms. Rowling plans to end the war in book seven, but my series actually starts the war one year after that. Many of the stories involve an original female character named Lilith Frost. I created her and her familial connections prior to reading book five, so some changes were necessary. Although I like Sirius' background, I can't have him be cousin to Narcissa Malfoy. This is mostly a dark series with lots of angsty smut between various parties. If you don't like original characters please do not read any that are marked OFC. I do not consider her a Mary Sue for many reasons; there is a difference. The series is not being written in chronological order, but they are posted that way below. I'm very, very into writing this fandom right now (fall 2003) and have four stories in the works with lots more ideas, so expect more fics soon!

Winter Lily: NC17, Sirius/OFC
Set during an AU Book 5, Sirius runs into an old friend while hiding out in London.

Returning Home: NC17, Sirius/OFC
Chronologically the second story in this series, two weeks after the end of "Winter Lily". Lilith has a vision that sends her to Hogwarts and back into the wizarding world and the life she gave up so long ago.

Switch: NC17, Sirius/OFC, Narcissa/Lucius
Chronologically the third story in this series, Sirius and Lilith have moved in together and in the middle of making love something happens. Atthe same time, Narcissa is in bed with her husband. It's not the first time this has happened to the twins.

Furthering Her Eduction: NC17, Lucius/Ginny
Some time after her sixteenth birthday, Ginny is sent to Lucius to further her eduction in the dark arts...and dark passions.

Corrupting Influences: NC17, Lucius/Ginny, spanking
My first Harry Potter fic. Ginny (of age) has fallen under Lucius evil and somewhat sadistic influence.

Awakenings: R, Severus/OFC
Lilith's life takes a dramatic turn at the hands of her father and the Dark Lord, and Snape steps in to rescue her.

The Marriage Bed: NC17, Severus/OFC
A few months have passed and Lilith is awakened by Severus' nightmares.

The Making of a Marriage: R, Severus/OFC, a bit of violence
Sirius has found Lilith and no one takes it very well.

Look Who's Come to Dinner: PG, Severus/OFC
Set during the summer before the start of the War, Severus and Lilith have a visitor to dinner, a young Death Eater.

His Dark Queen: NC17, Tom/Ginny
Ginny's developing relationship with Tom/Voldemort, which begins when she's way underage, so beware. Written for the porn battle.

Betrayal: PG14, genfic
The war begins with an attack on the one place that is supposed to be safe, and the Dark Lord has a request of Severus.

Many Shades of Gray: NC17, Severus/OFC
The war has started and Severus returns home desperate for his wife's comfort.

Betrayal or Salvation: PG14, violence, character death
Set a few weeks after the beginning of the war, the Order is attacked, some are killed, some captured, one is rescued by an unlikely source.

A Tale of Two Marriages: PG14, Severus/OFC, Lucius/Narcissa, violence, language
Set right after Betrayal or Salvation, Severus and Lucius face the Dark Lord while their wives worry.

Breaking Her Down:NC17, Lucius/Ginny, Hermione, RAPE, Sexual Torture, BDSM
Set right after "A Tale of Two Marriages", Lucius and Ginny "play" with their new captive. This story is very violent with m/f and f/f rape, beatings, bondage, and sadism. Don't read if you're squicked by any of that.

Just Breathe: PG14, Severus/OFC, Draco/Harry friendship
Harry and Draco are on the run and take refuge with the Snapes.

An Obedient Wife: NC17, Lucius/Narcissa, BDSM, references to rape, noncon sex
The war has started and Draco is missing. A request by her husband and the Dark Lord sends Narcissa back into her memories to another request they made of her, which destroyed her life.

Sister Self: R
Sirius is drunk and Lilith comes to him...or is it the fire whisky or something much more nefarious?

Not A Marriage Bond: NC17, Ginny/Lucius, bondage
Set after Narcissa is captured by the Order, Lucius plays with his mistress.

Butterflies PG14, Narcissa/Remus
Still a prisoner, Narcissa is invited to tea with Remus and feelings she never thought she'd have emerge.

Four Weeks and Two Days: Hard R, Hermione
Set four weeks and two days after Hermione's capture, Severus is summoned to heal her and keep her alive. This fic can be read without having read "Breaking Her Down".

Revelations, One Upon Another: PG14, Severus/OFC, Sirius/OFC
It's October and Lilith's nesting and someone is finally about to find out she's pregnant, but it's not the only revelation.

Setting Her Free: R, Remus/Narcissa, Severus/OFC, aftermath of rape, darkness, angst, seduction, bit of light smut
The time arrives to rescue Hermione, but someone in Grimmauld Place has known of the girl's whereabouts all along and when the truth comes out, it has rather harsh consequences.

Little Freedoms: PG14, Severus/OFC, Remus/Narcissa
Set right after Setting Her Free, Narcissa wakes up with her lover and Hermione wakes up screaming.

Crashing Down: R, Severus/OFC
Lilith's eight months pregnant and she and Severus are called to Court...where their world crashes around them.

A Marriage Not Convenient But Really: NC17, Severus/OFC
Set right after "Crashing Down", Lilith wakes up to find Severus still upset, the baby weighing heavily on her, her own fears getting the better of her, and then Severus has to go inform the Order of the Dark Lord's demands and then he's summoned by a not so happy Dark Lord and...

No More Hiding: NC17, Harry/Draco
Written for the porn battle, Draco and Harry's first time.

Companions: NC17, Harry/Draco
Set about six months after Lilith gives birth, the war is not going well and Harry and Draco are on the run from Lord Voldemort and have become lovers. (One of the first HP fics I wrote, before I created this series, but it fits.)

What If...?

Severed and Joined NC17, Snape/OFC, Lucius/OFC, hints of rape
What if Lilith's father hadn't kicked her out after freeing her from Azkaban but had a use for her? How different would her life be? Very. The fic starts at a certain point in time then skips backwards bit by bit in short scenes, each delineated with ~~~~~. When you get to two lines of those it bounces ahead to just after the first scene for the real plot.

How It Will Be NC17, Snape/OFC, a bit of non-con
Following much closer to the books than the original series, this story in the AU takes place after Book 6 and all its repercussions. Still married to Severus, and feeling completely betrayed, Lilith flees with their daughters and starts a new life in America. But...he finds them and is not happy with her...

Death Knell: R, Snape/OFC, character death, violence
Three weeks have passed since Severus found Lilith and the girls. Now someone else finds them, someone who wants something from her much more dear than herself.

A Choice, Not A Sacrifice: NC17, OFC/squicky pairing, off screen non-con
Set in the AU of the series, stepping into protect Rose, Severus is taking Voldemort's punishment for Lucius' death, but Lilith has a vision that sends her the one place she has sworn never to go.

Mucho thanks to Rhi for the series name. She's Severus to my Lilith.

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