Passion Cannot Rule Him

by Lara Wilson

As Robin he has many duties. Monitoring communications, running evidence tests, entering reports, training, cleaning equipment. Patrolling and fighting, of course.

This is just one more duty.

The goal of Robin is to bring light to the darkness that is Batman. He knew this long before he first approached the original Robin, long before he put on the cape and mask himself. He's known this forever.

The light is what keeps Batman sane.

He'll never be able to quip and joke like the first Robin or be as brash and wild in his joy as the second, but he does his duty.

If the light he brings isn't laughter or raucous joy or silliness, he still lightens the burden Batman bears.

Sometimes he can make the man smile.

So, when he sees Batman brooding, cowl still up, fingers tapping angrily at the computer keyboard, Robin goes to his knees and uses his skillful mouth and hands to bring pleasure and happiness--a moment of light and lightness.

It's just another duty, and Robin takes his duties seriously.


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