Do Unto Others

by Laure Alexander

One week had passed since the first night Jamie and Pelham had shared the pleasure of Onan. Both young and easily aroused, they had continued to watch each other while caressing their own bodies, experiencing heightened pleasure knowing another was watching and finding the same release.

They chose not to talk about their nightly pleasures, and Jamie slowly became more comfortable with the idea of another man enhancing his own pleasure by witnessing him masturbate. And he had grown more comfortable with the knowledge that he was aroused by the sight of Pelham pleasuring himself, as well.

As night fell, by mutual, unspoken agreement they set aside their supper plates and lit the lone candle. Jamie made himself comfortable on his pallet, laying on his side, as his hands fumbled with the buttons at his waist. He was already aroused just at the thought of impending orgasm.

Lord knew there wasn't much else to do in this cell.

He glanced up and his eyes widened. Instead of settling on his own pallet, Lord Pelham was kneeling beside him, his hand idly running up and down the staff jutting hard and hungry from the dirty velvet breeches. Jamie swallowed hard.

"I wondered if you might like to try something different tonight," Pelham said, keeping his voice light and languid.

"Like what?" Jamie asked suspiciously, forcing his eyes away from Pelham's cock and up to the other man's face.

Pelham grinned. "Self pleasure is all well and good, but wouldn't you like another hand on you for once?"

Jamie flushed and his cock hardened beneath his still fingers. "I..." He didn't know what to say. He had never given it any thought. He was a handsome man and there had always been ladies for the taking. It had only been since his father's death and Jamie's decommission from the army, that he had fallen on hard times and could no longer afford prostitutes, let alone a mistress. His elder brother had inherited everything, leaving Jamie with only a good name and education.

Those would only take him so far.

So far, they had led to too many poor hands of whist and debtor's prison.

"It does not make you homosexual."

Pelham's softly spoken statement brought Jamie out of his reverie and he swallowed hard again.

"I've never..." he finally managed to say.

"Of course you haven't, a fine, handsome young man like yourself. I never had either until this charming place. It's not so bad." He shrugged elegantly.

"Um...You're not going to kiss me or anything, are you?"

Pelham smirked. "Only if you want me to."

"No," Jamie stammered. "But...if you want to..." He broke off, his hands managing to free the buttons. His cock sprang free, aching with need, and Jamie lay back, his body tense.

"Lovely," the lord purred. Continuing to caress his own staff, he reached for Jamie's, wrapping his soft hand around the tip.

Jamie closed his eyes, his body reveling in the gentle touch. Pelham's hand was as soft as a lady's, his fingers slender and long. They danced along the shaft, up and down, teasing the sensitive vein on the underside and brushing across the slit.

Pelham watched his cellmate's cock swell and redden with blood as he gently pumped it, and his own desire grew. With his free hand, he caught one of Jamie's and the other man's eyes flew open.

"What?" Jamie breathed hoarsely.

"I am not that altruistic, my friend." Guiding Jamie's hand to his cock, Pelham watched the understanding fill the other man's eyes, then the acceptance.

Jamie wrapped his fingers around the base of the lord's cock and his breath caught in his throat. He had never touched another man so intimately. It was somehow...exhilarating. "What do I do?"

Pelham smiled lazily and continued his caresses. "You know what pleases you. Do the same to me. I assure you, I will find it enjoyable."

Slowly, Jamie ran his hand up the shaft and over the mushroom shaped tip. His companion groaned softly, and, emboldened, Jamie repeated the motion, beginning an easy rhythm.

Pelham's hand sped up, squeezing the other cock lightly on each up stroke, and delighting in the groans coming from the reclining man. On the next downstroke, he slid his hand lower, fondling the heavy testicles.

Jamie gasped and arched into the fingers. Focusing past the lust building in his groin, he performed the same service on Pelham, rubbing the sac up against the base of his cock until the lord groaned and thrust his hips forward.

At the same moment, both men wrapped their hands around the other's cocks and began to pump harder and faster. Their breathing increased to sharp pants and their eyes met and held. Both flushed and shook and squeezed the flesh in their aching hands, as they pulled and jerked, no longer gentle.

Jamie's hips arched with each stroke of Pelham's hand, driving his throbbing cock harder against the man's palm. Pre-emission oozed from the slit, making his cock slick and increasing the rate of Pelham's pumping. He felt the lord's fluids cover his own fingers and used them to speed up the motion of his hand.

As his orgasm approached, Jamie let his eyes close and arched his back, driving his head into the straw and his hips into the air. He cried hoarsely and exploded, his seed spewing over Pelham's hand. As Jamie's body jerked in pleasure, his fingers squeezed the other man's cock.

With a low grunt, Pelham came, shooting his semen onto the floor, pumping his cock between Jamie's stiff fingers.

Gasping for breath, both men slumped as languid pleasure flooded them. Slowly they released each other and tidied themselves in silence. Pelham returned to his own pallet and collapsed. He blew out the candle, then reached down for the blanket.

Just as his heart rate returned to normal and weariness overcame him, he heard Jamie speak in a soft, insecure voice. "Have you ever used your mouth on another man?"

Grinning into the darkness, Lord Pelham answered in the affirmative, a soft chuckle in his voice.

As he drifted to sleep, he wondered how long it would take before he felt Jamie McLean's luscious mouth around his cock.


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