by Lara Wilson

The low growl sent a shiver through him. "You're trying to distract me."

He smiled, feeling absolutely no fear, despite the hooded, warning look turned his way. "Me? I'm just lounging."


"You like me naked."

A grunt was the only acknowledgment before the older man turned back to reviewing a set of schematics.

Rolling onto his back on the large, soft bed, Dick smiled and silently counted to himself.

He made it to three hundred and twenty one before Slade tossed aside his documents and rose to stroll to the bed, his hands working at his belt buckle, a dark promise in his one blue eye.

"You could have finished that."

Slade cocked one eyebrow and whipped off the belt. In a move almost too quick to be seen he straddled his young lover and wrapped the leather around his wrists. "The plans can wait. You, apparently, can't."

Dick shivered again, still not from fear, and arched into the first touch of calloused and familiar hands.


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