Dark Queen

by Lara Wilson

"It's nearly time," he murmured in her ear, sending a shiver of desire through her.

As his hands began to roam lightly over her stomach, she squirmed back against him and felt his erection press into her hip. "Finally," she moaned, turning her head so she could look at him.

In her dreams he was young, handsome, with wicked eyes and a smooth tongue. She knew when they finally met he wouldn't look like this, but she didn't care.

She was his dark queen in her dreams and would be in reality.

She was everything he'd made her since she was eleven.

One of his hands slid between her legs and she wriggled as he liked. As he played with her clit and dipped two fingers into her wetness, he whispered lewd things in her ear between nips to the lobe that made her shudder and hiss.

He turned her onto her stomach, lifting her hips until she was on her knees, and she watched over her shoulder as he unfastened his trousers and slid them and his pants down, revealing his erect cock. It was long, the head a dark red, and a drop of semen oozed from the slit.

Spreading her legs wider, she bit her lip and panted through her nose, waiting and watching as he stroked himself.

"Touch yourself," he ordered, his voice strained from his own need, and she obeyed instantly, balancing on one shoulder so she could finger her aching, swollen clit as he watched.

As she orgasmed with a sharp cry, her eyes fell shut and she didn't see him move forward and could only gasp as he thrust into her. Her muscles shuddering around him, he took her thighs in his hands and fucked her hard, pelvis slapping against her hips, grunts echoing from him. In the morning she'd be bruised from his fingers and there'd be a delicious ache between her legs, but she didn't care, only pushed back against him, moaning with every thrust.

It was hard and fast and brutal as always, like wild animals, and she knew that's why he always took her on her hands and knees. No kisses or gentle caresses, just pounding lust and growls and grunts.

He came with a hard shudder which sent her collapsing onto her face, and as she turned her head so she could gasp for breath, he pulled out of her and she felt their mingled wetness slide down her legs and smear over her bottom as he wiped himself clean.

"Two more days, my love," he said softly. "Blow the roof off this place for me and then have them bring you to me."

"And we'll fuck for days?" was her sleepy question.

His cold lips brushed over her trembling shoulder. "At least."

Ginny jerked awake and flopped over on her back, wincing at the damp spot beneath her and the throbbing in her groin. She could feel his semen in her, beneath her, and she smiled as one hand lazily caressed a breast through her nightgown.

She'd long since given up on understanding how Tom had gone from a wispy dream figure to someone who could touch her on the physical plane, even if it was only when she dreamed.

But, only two more days.

Two more days and she'd be with him.

His dark queen for real.


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