The Truth Constricts

by Lara Wilson

The picture on the mantel mocks her.

Three years of a happy marriage--with ups and downs and fights and hurt feelings, but that's normal.

Three years of being in love with the man she'd loved since she'd been barely out of her teens.

Three years of not thinking about him, even when she'd been fighting him.

Easy enough because a part of her world was black and white and you were either a villain or a hero and he was the former and she was the latter.


She wants to punch her fist through the wedding photograph, wants to scream and yell and hate the man making her feel this way, but, instead, she sits and tries not to weep.

Because the truth is out now and all the evil he'd done hadn't been him.

He hadn't betrayed her, tried to kill her, destroyed a city, hurt her friends and family.

It hadn't been him.

In her world, possession is almost the norm.

Why hadn't she given a single thought to the idea he might not be in control? Why had she jumped headlong onto the Deathstroke is a supervillian bandwagon? Why hadn't she tried to see past the evil acts to the suffering man?


Because Slade Wilson has never been easy and while Dinah doesn't avoid the hard road, for once she chose the familiar and safe.

She chose Ollie, shared vows with him, shared a life with him.

And she does love him.


There was a time when she could so easily have loved Slade.

And, she's afraid, if he pushes...

She'll be faithful to Ollie; she won't leave him for another man.

But, her heart might.


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