by Lara

A/N: I assume that Ms. Rowling plans to end whatever war or battles with Voldemort while they kids are still at school, but I wanted them to be adults, so they are.
A/N 2: I never, ever planned to write Harry/Draco fic. I blame the Nurse.
A/N 3: I can't write a PWP to save my soul...There are dangling plot points all over the place.
A/N 4: In my world wizards can't get AIDS or STDs. Lube necessary, condoms not.
A/N 5: This fic could be taken as a later companion to my first HP fic, Corrupting Influences, which is a Ginny/Lucius BDSM fic located at the URL above. Which means I've created a universe. *sigh*
A/N 6: In this fic Draco may actually be Spike. I can't help myself.
A/N 7: Yes, there is a fic here somewhere after all these author's notes. *g*

The war was going badly.

And it was exhausting.

Standing over the hob lethargically stirring a pot of soup, Harry sighed softly and rolled his stiff neck. They'd been out all evening, searching their perimeter for any cracks in the magical defenses. The weather was shitty and their food supply was running low.

But they had no choice but to go forward.

The one light in the tiny kitchen flickered and Harry heard the electric shower go on. He hoped that the hot water lasted long enough for him to clean up. Showering together would save on water, but their relationship was still too new for that.

He was still way too hesitant.

Turning down the heat beneath the soup, he reached into the refrigerator for a bottle of lager, popped the top off, and took a deep drink. The lager was the cheapest you could get that didn't taste horrid.

It was Ron's favorite Muggle drink.

Thinking about his friend brought the worry and panic back to the front of his mind, and Harry closed his eyes for a moment, forcing his heartbeat to remain regular, his breathing even. It would be too easy to break down.


He still could remember the horror and pain on Ron's face as he was apparated away in the arms of one of the Deatheaters. Seven months had passed without a word or sighting, but Harry could still hear him screaming.

Sometimes he prayed that Ron was dead.

That way he didn't have to live another day with Ginny's betrayal.

Harry took another drink and leaned against the counter, his eyes still closed. Ginny...No one had seen that coming. Her corruption begun by Valdemort had continued with Lucius Malfoy. Harry didn't want to think about the things the older Malfoy had done to the once innocent girl.

There was nothing innocent about the woman who had turned on them all. One brother had died at her hands, another had been captured. The rest had scattered. Bleeding from a wounded shoulder, limping from a sprained ankle, Harry had watched in horror as the sweet girl with the crush on him had decimated his adopted family and friends and then turned on him.

Rescue had come from the oddest source.

"Are you going to drink that or let it evaporate," came the caustic voice from right in front of him.

Harry's eyes popped open and he found Draco standing there smirking, clad only in a towel draped low around his slender hips, water still beading on his smooth, muscular chest. Mouth drying up, Harry took another sip, then handed the bottle to his companion.

"Ta." Draco tilted his head back and let the cool alcohol slide down his throat, grinning all the while at the look on Harry's face. "See something you like?"

"...Soup's ready." As Harry turned away to reach for two bowls on the counter, Draco rolled his eyes.

"If *I* can stomach this whatever it is, you surely can, Potter."

Ladling soup into the bowls, Harry softly replied, "I've been sharing your bed for over a month, isn't that enough?"

"Furtive caresses in the dark and silence of our bed? No. I gave up everything for you, Harry. Why can't you admit you want me?"

Harry shot him a glare as he carried the bowls to the table. "I can admit it. I just don't see the need to be so..." Struggling with what to say and his roiling emotions over the matter of their relationship, he sat down and started spooning soup into his mouth.

"I'm not your toy, Potter."

"I never said you were. Where is this all coming from?"

Draco slouched into the other chair and glared back at his former nemesis. "It's been over a month. Are you ever going to be comfortable around me? So that a teasing comment doesn't make you skitter around like a bug?"

"I don't skitter."

Ignoring his soup, the blond folded his hands one on top of the other and rested his chin on them, his elbows propping him up. "I want to bend you over this table and bugger you till you scream, Harry. What about you?"

The look the other man shot him made Draco scowl. "Yeah, I thought so. You always were a self-righteous prick."

"It's not self-righteous to want a bit of decorum at the dinner table. Why do you have to be so..."

"Blatant? Blunt? Truthful?" Draco shot back. "Because we could die tomorrow, Potter. We don't have the time or energy to pussy foot around the subject."

"Can I at least finish eating first?"

The blond snickered, his anger draining away at his lover's snarky comment, and he picked up his spoon. "Don't get too stuffed. I want there to be room for me."

Harry turned bright red and mumbled, "You're so disgusting."

"Uh huh."

For all his seeming impatience, Draco ate at a leisurely pace. Harry finished first, excused himself and went to shower. The hot water ran out while he still had shampoo in his hair, so he finished quickly. Briskly drying off, he wrapped himself in his flannel robe and put his glasses on. They were steamed up, and he scowled and wiped them dry, then replaced them on his face.

The reflection staring back at him from the slightly foggy mirror was one of consternation.

He still found it hard to believe that Draco Malfoy had saved his life and rescued him from the Deatheaters.

It was even harder to believe that after a few months on the run, cut off from their friends, forced into the Muggle world, they had turned to each other.

For Harry it had begun out of loneliness. It had remained out of convenience, the desire for comfort, and a good deal of young male horniness.

It was becoming something else, though.

Harry had no idea why Draco was so enthusiastic. He'd been quite the playboy with the girls at Hogwarts, cutting swathes through every house. There had been no hint, no mention of any men.

Harry himself had his fair share of girlfriends, in his final year of school taking a couple of them to bed. Since going to work for the Ministry of Magic, there had been two semi-serious relationships.

But then the war had begun in earnest and all his energy had been focused there.

He'd never once been attracted to a man. So, it had to just be about comfort and loneliness and convenience.

For now the cold shower had taken care of the lingering lust Draco's flirting had aroused in him.

Emerging from the bathroom, Harry's desire returned full force at the sight of Draco lounging across the small double bed, his nude body lit by the soft yellow bulb of the bedside lamp. He lay on his side, one hand propping up his head, his cock long and slim resting along one thigh.

Harry's own cock stirred beneath the flannel and he swallowed hard.

They rarely had sex at night, both usually too tired to attempt more than a few caresses. Accustomed to having a huge bed to himself, Draco tended to spread out, often ending up sleeping half on top of Harry.

This usually led to a rousing bout of sex in the early hours of the morning.

"Did you put yourself under an immobility spell?"

"...What?" Harry shook himself out of his stupor and jerked his eyes away from Draco's groin.

"Like what you see?"

"...Yeah." Harry's voice was thick and heavy with desire.

The other man rolled his eyes. "There's no difference between the kitchen and the bedroom in this tiny place."

"I was hungry."

"I'm hungry now." Draco languidly pushed himself up and swung his legs over the end of the bed. Reaching out, he grabbed the trailing end of the tie to Harry's robe and began to reel him in. Harry stumbled slightly, then let himself be pulled forward until he stood between the blond's spread legs.

Letting go of the flannel tie, Draco slipped his slender fingers between the part in the robe and wrapped them around the swelling cock, pulling it free. He lowered his head and licked the tip, making Harry gasp and shudder. " taste good."

Blushing furiously, Harry stared at the top of his lover's head as Draco began to lick and suckle along the ever-hardening flesh in his gently pumping hand. Never knowing what to do with his hands, the brunette jammed them in his pockets.

Draco noticed that and snickered, then slid his free hand around to pinch the other man's ass.

Harry yelped, then gasped deeper as thin yet soft lips spread wide and slid over the head of his cock. A long groan of pleasure spilled from him and his hands clenched into fists along his thighs. Glancing down again, he saw that Draco's cock was harder as well, and opaque cream was leaking from the swollen tip.

Suddenly desperate to taste it, Harry freed one hand from the folds of his pocket and gently pushed at Draco's head, urging him backwards.

The blond man gave him a puzzled look, then his eyes widened as the great Harry Potter dropped to his knees and dove his mouth down over his throbbing cock.

"Fuck," he hissed, leaning back on his hands and watching as Harry took him deeper and deeper to the edge of his throat, his talented tongue swirling continuously around the heated flesh. His fingers found the heavy ball sac beneath the cock in his mouth, and he played with it as he sucked. He could hear Draco snorting in air above him, and his own cock ached with need.

"Don't want to...stop, Harry." A hand on his shoulder pushed him back and he let Draco's cock slip from his mouth. The blond's eyes were full of lust in his flushed face. "Need you."

Smiling uncontrollably, Harry pushed himself to his feet and slipped free of the robe, as Draco scrambled for the night stand drawer. As the dark haired man crawled onto the bed, he found himself pushed onto his back, his legs spread. Draco knelt between those muscular thighs and fumbled with the bottle of lube.

"Here, let me." Harry took the bottle and popped open the top, then poured some of the cherry scented lube into Draco's palm, then some into his own. As he reached down to run the oil over his lover's cock, Draco slipped two fingers into Harry's tight hole, gently stretching him.

Relaxing back against the down-filled pillows, Harry groaned and squirmed, his inner muscles clamping down on the other man's fingers.

"So fucking tight, Potter." As he continued to thrust gently, the blond lowered his head and dipped his tongue into the other man's puckered navel, twirling it around till Harry's back arched off the bed and he cried out softly. Buzzing the belly-button, Draco brushed his cheek back and forth against his lover's aching cock, teasing them both.

"Now." Harry panted harshly as he gripped his knees and pulled them up and wide. Freeing his fingers, Draco caught those taut calves and pulled the legs over his shoulders as he positioned himself. As Harry reached up to grab the headboard, Draco slid his hands down to his hips and pressed his cock to the dark rosette.

With a deep sigh from both of them, the blond pushed inside, sinking deeper with each short pump of his hips. When he was fully embedded, he propped himself on one hand, and wrapped the other around Harry's cock.

"I could fuck you forever," Draco murmured as he pumped both his hips and the cock in his hand in a smooth rhythm.

Unable to reply as pleasure lashed through him, Harry arched into each touch, each thrust. He felt full and heavy, needy and hungry. Opening his eyes he saw the lust in his lover's expression, watched as he smiled and slapped his pelvis hard against Harry's upturned butt cheeks.


Draco grinned wider and slammed forward harder, driving them both towards the headboard. "Like a bit of pain?"

Harry shot him a look as his body helplessly responded, his cock aching, his prostate sending bolts of pleasure through him, as Draco pounded harder. The bed squeaked and banged against the wall, and sounds of heady passion filled the air.

As their young bodies tightened with desire, they began to move faster, more desperately. Harry's muscles clenched around the cock deep inside him, causing Draco's hand to tighten spasmodically around the tip of the cock in his hand, his thumb rubbing hard against the glans.

With a loud grunt, Harry climaxed, spilling his seed over his lover's hand and his own stomach. As he arched and thrust, he drew Draco's orgasm from him, and the other man cried out and bucked wildly.

Panting hard, flushed and trembling, they collapsed, Harry's legs slipping to the bed, and Draco falling forward onto the bigger man. Harry's arms fell away from the headboard and one wrapped limply around his lover's shoulder, cradling him to his chest.

"Damn," the blond muttered, his lips unconsciously brushing a kiss over Harry's nipple. "Are you sure you haven't been doing this for years?"

Tired but relaxed, Harry snickered and ran one foot down the back of Draco's leg. "I could ask you the same thing."

Lifting his heavy head, the blond man pressed a soft kiss to the other's lips. Startled, Harry responded lightly at first, then with more passion.

They rarely kissed.

It was a treat for both of them.

"Um..." Draco yawned and squirmed off of Harry, only to curl back around him, his shoulder as a pillow. "When we wake turn getting shafted."

"I think I can handle that." Harry grinned in surprise. "Think your arse is ready for it?" Draco had never let Harry take the dominant role in the act of intercourse.

"Anything you can do, I can do better," the blond replied, smirking up at his lover.

Harry gave him a mock sigh. "Always a competition with you, Malfoy."

"Makes life much more interesting."

"That it does."


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