carpe diem

by Lara Wilson

This time Tim isn't going to ignore the need simmering in his veins. He's not going to risk losing him again without telling him, without touching him. He's not going to fuck this up twice.

When Kon comes back, Tim is the first to welcome him with a manly hug, belying the tears shining and stinging behind his mask and the need for the man in his arms that he's always felt and simply ignored.

Not this time.

When they're finally alone, he lays it all out logically, stressing his emotions--always difficult for him--explaining that he'll understand if Kon doesn't feel the same way, knowing it'll probably hurt like hell, but expecting it.

So when the first kiss comes, he's surprised but happy and...


"Why didn't you say anything years ago?" Kon pants into his mouth between kisses.

"Why didn't you?"

"You're the smart one!"

"Not always." Tim's hands deactivate his belt, strip off his cape, his mask, and still they kiss, hot, biting little kisses that leave them breathless and incredibly aroused.

Kon's TK takes care of the rest of their clothes, moves them to the bed, finds lube and a box of condoms conveniently placed in the bedside drawer.

"Dude, these are still sealed."

Tim flushes. "I was waiting for you to come back."

Kon rolls his eyes as he rolls on a condom. "You were planning to die a virgin if I didn't?"


Grinning, Kon kisses Tim again until they're both flushed. "I've missed you, you freak."

"Slut," Tim teases, then goes sober and grabs Kon around the neck and buries his face in his chest. "Don't die on me again."

"We'll go out together, I promise," Kon tries to soothe, then simply kisses him again and reaches between them to caress Tim to readiness, not prepared to say more, just wanting Tim to want him.

Afterwards, when Tim finally starts to cry, Kon proves why he really is smarter than he looks, when all he does is stroke him and kiss away his tears. At such an emotional moment, there can be no teasing.

Only love.


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