Broken Arrows, Repressed Desire, And The World Goes Askew

by Lara Wilson

"Well, if we're going to die, we might as well sleep together."

Meditating in an attempt to bring his breathing under control in order to preserve air, Dick opened one eye and turned it to his companion in serious consternation.

Roy shrugged and went back to using an arrow to dig at the mortar between bricks of their seven by seven by approximately seven prison that had no door and no windows.

"You do realize that neither of us is gay."

"I could be gay."

Dick couldn't contain his snort of disbelief, despite the fact it used more air than he really wanted to be expending. "And the hundreds of women..."

"There haven't been hundreds," Roy protested, then thought about it for a moment and sighed heavily, which also used more air than necessary. "Okay, maybe in the low three digits."

Staring in surprise at his best friend, Dick slowly shook his head. "I was kidding."

Roy shrugged again, then cursed as the arrow snapped in two. "Dammit."

"I can count on...geez, one hand, one hand, the number of women I've..."

"The rosy palm one?" the redhead interrupted with a snicker.

"Fuck you, Harper."

"Now you're talking."

Rolling his eyes, Dick turned his back on Roy. "I'm not gay."

"Yeah, I think you're protesting a bit much there, and, anyway, I'm not gay either. I just think dying here with you over there being boring and me breaking arrows is pretty stupid when we both could go out in a blaze of glory."

"You just want to be found buck naked when you die."

Roy grinned. "If we can't die in battle, might as well die in bed."

Giving up on meditating, the acrobat turned back around and shook his head. "Can you see the reaction from the community if we were found like...that?"

"Oh, come on! Half the community thinks we've been doing it since we were teenagers, and the other half wouldn't care. Actually, the only one who'd probably be freaked is Batman. Maybe Superman, 'cause I'm not sure he even knows what gay sex is."

"Why would anyone think the two of us...?"

This time Roy rolled his eyes and tossed another broken arrow aside. "Brothers in arms and all that shit. And we like to beat the crap out of each other which apparently is a sign of repressed desire."

"That would indicate that we're not doing it."

"Maybe we stopped because you've been an asshole?" the archer supplied helpfully.

"This is truly the most bizarre conversation we've ever had."

"How long until the air runs out?"

"Why should I know?" Roy gave Dick the 'because you're a freaky Bat look' and the brunette sighed again. "About three hours."

"So we should do it now before we end up gasping for more than lust."

"You may have noticed the total lack of anything but this dirt floor and four brick walls and my bat light for comfort."

"Oh come on, like you haven't gotten off in dirty alleys before."

"I prefer a bed."

"Sorry, princess. No beds around here."

Dick looked truly saddened. "Darn. And I was so looking forward to having gay sex with you, Roy."

Laughing, the redhead turned onto his hands and knees and crawled the three feet to his best friend. "How about a blowjob? You're already sitting." The laughter died and the eyes of the two men met.

After a long moment of silence, Dick breathed, "You're serious."

"Yeah, Robbie, I am. You know what my biggest fear is."

It wasn't a question because the former Robin did know. "Being alone, being left."

"Yeah. I don't want to die alone."

"You're not alone, Roy, and I'm not going to accept we're going to die until we do."

"Then I don't want to die without doing something I've thought about doing for nearly ten years." And Roy leaned forward and brushed his lips over Dick's.

He didn't pull away, didn't try to break the kiss, didn't do any of the things Roy would have expected. Instead, he leaned into the kiss and deepened it. When they finally broke apart, gasping, Roy stared at Dick, who smirked at him. "Okay, maybe I was protesting a bit too much..."


"Kiss me, Speedy, and let's waste some air."

With a lunge, Roy toppled them both over and sealed their lips together.


Later, replete from mutually satisfying blowjobs, wrapped in each other arms atop their costumes, Dick tried to calculate how much air they'd used up until Roy kissed him again.

"Stop that, freak."

"Digging our way out with your arrows would probably have been the smarter plan."

"Nowhere near as much fun."


Roy crowed at getting Dick to admit it and Dick smacked him in the shoulder with his fist. "Nothing repressed any more, Robbie."

"Maybe I just like smacking you around."

"I see you think you're the top here, huh?"

"Think about who raised me. Is there any question?"

Snorting, Roy sat up and stretched. "So..."

"We should get back to trying to get out of here." He sat up, too, and tugged his costume out from beneath his hip.

"Nah, I was going to ask, how come you didn't fumble at all while sucking me off like I did you?" At Dick's immediate blush, the other man snickered. "I knew it."

"Okay, maybe I'm not totally inexperienced where men are concerned."


"I'm not telling you!" As he yanked his uniform up his legs, the former boy wonder gave his companion a scandalized look.

After chuckling for a moment, Roy sobered up. "When did you realize you were gay?"

Dick looked at him long and hard, then jerked one boot on. "About three months ago, when yet another relationship with a woman ended in disaster."


"I literally woke up the day after she stomped out of my life and realized the problem." The second boot went on and he tossed the other man his costume.

Starting to dress, Roy asked, confused, "Wait a sec, you weren't attracted to men all along?"

"I never really gave it any thought. Raised the ward and then son of a playboy, a very straight playboy, unlike Ollie..."


Continuing as if the archer hadn't interrupted, " was expected that I'd date women, be attracted to women, want to screw women. So, I did. I never wondered why it never worked, never felt...right. Until the epiphany which led to my first time with a guy and then I knew."

"Huh...I'm not gay, y'know."

"No kidding." Grinning, Dick grabbed an arrow from Arsenal's quiver and started digging. "There's a trick to keeping your teeth out of the way."

"My world has gone askew."

"Big word, Speedy."

"Fuck you, Grayson."

"Maybe when we get out of here."

"I think I like you better repressed," Roy muttered and joined Dick at the wall with his own arrow.

"No you don't."

"You're wasting air."

Dick chuckled, then yelled as his arrow slid past the mortar into empty space.


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