Breaking Up Isn't Hard To Do

Dick reads the email three times before it sinks in.

He's been dumped over email.

At least it's not a text message.

Even in his own head the humor falls flat and he slumps in the chair before the massive array of computers in the new Batcave, and stares at the words over and over again.

'I can't forgive you for choosing Damien over me. I can't understand why you won't even give the idea that Bruce is alive a chance. I can't stay here in Gotham. I don't have a place at your side in battle and I won't just be the one you come home to at three in the morning.

And you won't be able to forgive me for what I have to do and you think I'm crazy or grief-stricken over Bruce and you want me to stay but I'm not sure as what, and I don't think you know either.

At this moment in time, I'm bad for you, Dick. I'm too angry, too frustrated, and you have too much to do to have to deal with my teenage angst and my emo moods.

Go be the Bat--and I'll never be happy about that; it should have been me, dammit--save the city.

I have my own path to walk, my own person to become, and a father to find. Maybe when all that's done, I'll find you again.

Maybe not.

Because we're just not good for each other right now, Dick. Too much pain and anger and sex isn't going to make it better, and love isn't enough. You showed me that through your actions, so I'm reiterating them through me words.

It's over. We're done. Don't look for me.'

When the pain finally hits, Dick curses and smashes his fist into the keyboard.

Then buries his face in his hands and swears to find him if it's the last thing he does.


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