Breaking Her Down

by Lara Wilson

They bound her on all fours, heavy manacles around her wrists and ankles, pinning her in the middle of the bed. She strained helplessly, the iron cutting into her flesh until blood dripped onto the pristine white sheet. Her naked body trembled so hard she grew nauseous.

And she wondered why they were waiting.

As her head fell forward, her hair shielded her face and she finally gave into the threatening tears. "Oh, it's going to be fun to break her."

"You take such glee in the thought of others in pain. That pleases me so."

The sound of passionate, wet kissing reached her and she tried to still her body's tremors.

"Let me have her first, Lucius, please?"

"And what will you do with her?" There was amusement in his voice.

"May I use some of your toys?"

"Paint me a picture of her pain and suffering, Virginia," he murmured lustily.

No longer able to bear not seeing what was coming, Hermione lifted her head and peered warily over her shoulder. She felt her cheeks flush red at the sight of Lucius and Ginny embracing, their nude bodies pressed together. Suddenly Ginny broke the kiss and locked her eyes with Hermione's.

Hermione shivered in fear and horror at the evil that rolled off her former friend.

"We're going to have such fun, Hermione," Ginny crooned as she crossed the room and opened a large wardrobe. She rifled through the contents and finally found what she was looking for. As she moved back to the bed, she dangled the straps from two fingers. "You can just close your eyes and pretend I'm Ron." Snickering at the horror on Hermione's face, Ginny slipped the straps up her legs and positioned the large black dildo over her wet cleft.

As Lucius drew up a chair to make himself comfortable for the show, Ginny climbed on the bed between Hermione's spread legs. She tried to get away from her captor, but they'd bound her in a way that even lowering herself to the bed was too painful. Ginny just watched her squirm, an evil smile on her face, her hands on her own breasts, squeezing and kneading them.

Finally, Hermione went limp, drained of all but terror. She didn't know what they had planned for her past the obvious rape, but she was sure she wouldn't long survive. She didn't want to die, but she was afraid of what lengths she'd go to stay alive and what that might do to her spirit. The confusion and fear was almost enough to make her wish for a swift death.

Escape or rescue were beyond her, of that she was certain.

Tears pricked her eyes again, and she squeezed them shut, waiting for the pain to begin.

"You're trembling, like a filly waiting a stallion," Ginny murmured, running one hand down Hermione's shaking back. "But not a virgin. That's a shame. I've never popped a cherry before." As she spoke her hand slid between Hermione's legs and combed through the dark brown curls. "So dry. That's going to hurt." Her middle finger pushed into the other woman's tight body, and Ginny groaned in pleasure. "Oh yeah, that's really going to hurt."

Suddenly on fire with need to hurt her former best friend, Ginny replaced her finger with the head of the dildo and shoved her hips forward, driving it about halfway in. At Hermione's cry of pain, she grinned nastily at Lucius and pushed harder. Wrapping one hand in the tangled brunette locks, she jerked Hermione's head up and used the leverage to sheath the dildo to the hilt.

"You've made her cry, Virginia."

"Good." She thrust her hips a few more times, working up a rhythm with the dildo as Hermione's body remained tense and dry. "Shit, you may need lube, Lucius. She's dry as a bone and we wouldn't want her to irritate that luscious dick of yours."

"There's no need for such crudity," he chided.

Ginny snorted and slapped her pelvis hard against Hermione's trembling bottom. She released her hair and gripped her hips, fucking her at a quick, shallow pace, all the while rubbing the nubby end of the dildo against her clit, raising her passion as much from the actual fucking as the domination of her enemy.

With a sharp cry, Ginny came, shuddering and bucking against Hermione who simply wept silent tears.

When Ginny pulled the dildo out of the other woman, she quickly took it off and tossed it aside, then slipped from the bed and went back to the cabinet. "That should do me for a while." As she went through the myriad array of objects, both sensual and punishing, she glanced over at Lucius. He had one leg bent over the other and was slowly stroking his hard cock. "Do you want her now?"

He made a dismissive gesture with his hand. "No, continue, my sweet girl. You've only begun to break her."

Ginny grinned and removed a few more items from the cabinet, then returned to the bed. Cupping Hermione's chin in her hand, she forced her to face her. "Ooh, there's still some defiance there."

"I won't break," Hermione hissed, forcing anger to the front in order to survive the horror and fear.

"We'll go so much easier on you if you do." Her actions belied her soothing words, as Ginny took a nasty looking alligator clip and hooked it onto one of Hermione's nipples. The teeth bit into her soft flesh, making her wince and pale, and the weights pulled heavily. Repeating the action to the other nipple, Ginny then took the third clip and attached it to the hood of her clit, adding a much larger weight.

Hermione couldn't hold back her cry of pain as the sharp teeth clamped down on such a sensitive spot. Her arms shook, but the bonds wouldn't let her collapse. Clenching her teeth together, she tried to work her way past the pain, but she'd never felt anything like it. Her sexual experience was all very routine.

"Don't worry. They won't fall off." Picking up the final item, Ginny knelt on the bed next to Hermione's hip, and, making sure Lucius had a clear line of site, smacked the flogger down on the curvy buttock.

Surprised by the new source of pain, Hermione yelled uncontrollably, then bit into her lip to keep from crying out again. Ginny slapped the other buttock, harder than the first, but there was no cry this time. She grinned and began to beat her captive, alternating from one glowing cheek to the other, the heavy studded leather leaving beautiful red welts.

Hermione had never even been spanked. Her body trembled, her legs and arms strained to escape, but the chains held her in place, cutting deeper into her soft flesh and making all four manacled limbs bleed. Tears flowed freely, dripping off her nose and chin onto the sheet beneath her bowed head.

And, unable to do anything else, she took the beating.

Lucius watched from beneath hooded eyes, his hand tight around the base of his cock to prevent ejaculation. He wanted to be deep inside the mudblood's protesting body when he came, despoiling her as the whore she really was. She'd caused him much misery over the years, and he was anticipating breaking her slowly but surely over the months to come. He knew her well enough to know she believed they'd kill her quickly.

But that was never her fate. Hermione Granger knew too much to die any time soon, and in the meanwhile, he'd enjoy hurting her.

He noted with pleasure that Ginny was becoming aroused from the beating--her first, as she had only ever been the bottom in their relationship. She was doing well, having been taught at his own hands how to draw out the pain. He could tell, though, that unlike his mistress, Miss Granger was gaining no enjoyment from the beating.


Lust made his chest tighten, and he began to pant softly. Rising to his feet, he joined Ginny on the bed. She immediately stopped the beating and let Lucius slip between them and behind Hermione.

He looked down at the bruises forming on pale flesh and smiled in delight and desire, then turned his head to kiss Ginny hungrily. "You did very well."

Ginny grinned back, pleased by his compliment, then leaned down to press a kiss on one of the uglier welts. "Fuck her hard, my lord."

Lucius slipped a hand between Hermione's legs, fondling flesh swollen not from desire but from pain. He pinched her clit beneath the clip and reveled in her involuntary groan and her attempt to shrink from his touch. Taking the bottle of lubrication that Ginny offered him, he coated his cock, hissing at touching his over- stimulating flesh. "I want her to watch," he gasped through clenched teeth, his lust driving him hard.

As Ginny grabbed Hermione's hair and wrenched her head around, Lucius grabbed her hip with one hand and used the other to guide his cock to her entrance. With a powerful thrust he was buried in her, his pelvis smacking hard against her tender bottom.

Hermione cried out at the dual pain, tears flooding her eyes again. Forced to look at him, she focused her eyes on his chest, unwilling to look either up or down from that spot.

Ginny watched from lascivious eyes, her own desire near its peak again. Sitting back on her haunches, she idly slid the fingers of her free hand into her wet cleft, massaging her clit and swollen labia, her eyes roaming from the dark, lusty look on Lucius' face to his cock thrusting in and out of their captive's unwilling body.

A quick frigging of her clit brought her to a second orgasm, and she slumped forward on her knees and continued to watch. Leaning forward, she crooned in Hermione's ear, "How can you not feel anything? He's so fucking good, Hermione. That big cock fucking you so hard and deep. Just relax, it'll feel so wonderful."

"Shut up," Hermione hissed, biting her lower lip again as Lucius' thrusts grew erratic and jarred her, painfully chaffing her sensitive flesh.

"Much better this way," Lucius grunted. "I don't want her to come. I want her to hurt." He punctuated each word with a hard thrust until, on the last word, he came with a howl of pleasure.

Panting, he pulled slowly out of her and smirked at the sight of blood on his cock. He rose on shaky legs and moved to the side of the bed. Ginny released Hermione's hair, and Lucius grabbed her chin, forcing her to look up at him. The tears glittering in her fear- filled eyes made him chuckle and he leaned down and bit her already bleeding lower lip, making her cry sharply.

Releasing her, he reached for his robe and, as he wrapped it around himself, summoned his house elves. Ginny moved languidly around behind him, sponge bathing and dressing as he gave his servants orders to chain Hermione in the dungeon and give her some bread and water.

Hermione stared blankly at him as she heard the orders. He wasn't going to kill her?

Heart pounding in her chest, she bit back the unspoken plea echoing in her brain that he put her out of her misery, and silently cried helpless tears of terror and pain.


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