Brain Freeze Makes A Good Justification

by Lara Wilson

"I should be arresting you."

Leaning against the brick wall of a grimy Gotham alley, arms crossed loosely over his chest, he smirks at her. "You could try."

She rolls her eyes and sucks liquid heaven through the straw until she gets a brain freeze. "I'm only letting you off the hook because you brought me a Steak n' Shake chocolate shake on the hottest day of the year."

He smirks even deeper at her justification and cocks an eyebrow as she sensuously sucks on the straw. "I bought it for myself. You threatened to kick me in the balls if I didn't give it to you."

"Momentary heatstroke," she explains, flashing him a quick grin. "Smart of you to surrender the icecream, though."

"I'm wearing a cup."

Her grin widens and she winks. "I have a cry that can shatter plastic."

"But, if you did that and kicked me in the balls, what would you do for the next couple of hours?"

"You think very highly of yourself." Taking off the lid, she tips the cup and drains the rest of the shake along with the cherry. "And you have a mouth."

He laughs broadly and reaches out lightning fast to snag her around the waist and pull her against him. "Yeah, and so do you, sister." To prove it, he kisses her, tasting the cold and the chocolate with a hint of cherry.

She knows she should ask him why he's here, what he's up to, but then she'll have to try to arrest him and that never ends in her favor.

And he really does know what to do with his mouth.

And the other parts of him tucked safely behind hard plastic...for now.


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