Adult Fan Fiction Index

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Age Shall Not Wither

My slowly growing Spike and Joyce series, set in a Season 5 in which Joyce survived and Spike fell in love with her instead of Buffy.

The Alpha Series

In this series I explore the relationships between Spike, Dru and Angelus over the centuries. The only true sub/dom relationship I see in BtVS is Dru and Angelus. This series can get very nasty and some stories include scenes of rape, but more and more the stories are light-hearted and/or smutfests.

Buffy Want...

Set after "Beer Bad", still devolved, Buffy is driven from her dorm room by the need to find a mate. She runs into a certain peroxide blond. My first finished series!

Divine Madness

My Buffy/Spike series set in an AU Season 3. Spike returns to Sunnydale and seduces Buffy, then they can't seem to keep away from each other. This series is all wrapped up!


Drabbles written for the live journal community Sunday 100 and others.

The Erotic Adventures of Willow and Spike

Set after Innocence, but Passion and Becoming will never happen. This series revolves around Willow and Spike, but the other characters play large roles, including Buffy and Angelus. There's sex, violence, bloodplay, BDSM, role playing and some slash. This series is now finished, although I have written some future fics and will continue to do so.

The Existence

A series of Xander/Angelus stories that are extremely dark and violent. These fics are not for the faint of heart. There's rape, torture, and BDSM in this completed series.

General BtVS Erotica

All my one-shot adult fics are here. There's just about every pairing imaginable. Please read the individual headings carefully as some stories deal with S&M and/or non-consensual sex.

Interludes in the Erotic Adventures of Willow and Spike

Mostly written as gifts to people, these stories are primarily smutfics. There is also a possible alternate future fic.


My first Buffy fanfic. There's a very complex plot, an intriguing new character, and, of course, Spike plays a huge role. Set before Surprise and before we discovered that Spike was in a wheelchair. Quite a bit of this story is rated PG.

Moments in Time

An alternative universe series...What if the spell in "Lily" had worked? This series will skip around a lot as I examine the lives of the various characters left standing after the night of the crescent moon.

Mortal Enemies

My first Buffy/Spike fic set during the summer after Becoming. Major angst and graphic sex in the Kansas heat.

Sin Wagon

This is a series of S/B/A fics set sometime early fourth season. Angel never left and he and Buffy continued their on and off relationship, mostly off. Spike has returned and found a sexually frustrated slayer. This series contains some non-consensual sex, m/m slash, and a lot of BDSM. The title is stolen from The Dixie Chicks.

Strange Paradise

My rather stalled Cordy/Angel series. It bounces around a lot. I've written the beginning and the end of the relationship and I'm slowly filling in the middle. The title is stolen from Cris Williamson.
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