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This site is permanently under construction, as I'm constantly adding new pages and new stories.

Currently housed here are Moon Madness, my Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfic; Fall into the Grey, my Star Wars fanfic; panem et circenses, my Gladiator fanfic; Entwined Souls, Severed Lives , my site for my Harry Potter fanfic; my new site for DC Comics fanfic, Unexpected Attraction; and my yet unnamed Other Fanfic, for fics set in other universes.

ad astra per aspera for all Kansas fic ie Smallville and Supernatural is finally up! And the Roswell site has been put back up, too with a new name, Crashing Down. As of Fall 2012 I have been consumed by Teen Wolf so have had added a page called Wolf Tales for those fics (of which there are many, many, may coming).

Mucho thanks to be my best friend, Darry, for going 'huh? okay' when I told her I was stealing the code for this neat little drop down menu from her.

Let Spike suck you into my world...

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